No big deal, just protesters setting fire to the U.S. embassy in Tegucigalpa, Honduras earlier today:

Luckily, the tire fire just scorched the outside of the building:

Socialism at work?

An arrest has been made over the attack:

In other Honduras news, it just came out via a court filing that the DEA had the president of Honduras under investigation since 2013:

His brother, Tony, was arrested and “offered immediate cooperation”:

So, Joe Biden and Barack Obama gave Honduras millions while the DEA was investigating him? From the Washington Post:

Following intensive negotiations between the Obama administration and the Northern Triangle presidents, Congress provided $750 million in 2016 to fund a whole-of-government effort to effect deep and lasting change in Central America. Because Central American governments had long been perceived — with good reason — as corrupt, inept and incapable of delivering basic services to their citizens, I supported Congress in tying the aid package to concrete commitments by regional governments to clean up their police, increase tax collection, fight corruption and create the opportunities necessary to convince would-be migrants to remain in their countries.


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