People’s Daily, China mocked the New York City Fire Department on Friday over a video showing New York’s bravest responding to a traffic accident that, to the Chinese, is bad because it caused a minor traffic jam:

The tweet above linked to People’s Daily Facebook page, which noted the “fully armed firefighters” on the scene:

On May 30th, the author witnessed the handling process of an ordinary traffic accident in New York City, and deeply felt that the public administration of the US government was in a chaotic manner with shocking extravagance.

At about 2:30 pm, a car got slightly rear-ended by a truck at the intersection of 11th Avenue and 42nd Street in Manhattan. No one was hurt. The author saw a lady on the car’s passenger seat got out and left by s taxi. Both drivers remained on the scene. Two traffic police officers were there to direct the traffic.

Not long after, three large fire trucks roared and arrived from different directions. The fire trucks completely blocked the intersection with dozens of fully armed firefighters appeared at the accident scene.

A senior firefighter took a quick look at the two cars, then instructed the car driver to back off, moving away from the truck.

It took 3 big fire trucks and dozens of firefighters to deal with such a mundane accident in the busy New York City street, holding back traffic and disturbing passengers. One of the passenger on the scene berated that the whole thing was an extreme waste of tax payers’ money.

As for our thoughts, we’re glad our government blocks traffic with fire trucks and not tanks:


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