During a party for Run For Something in D.C. on Tuesday, failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams absolutely kneecapped Lousiana’s Dem Gov. John Bel Edwards over his pro-life.

“I’m a little annoyed with the governor of Louisiana,” she said. “They’ve made some dodgy choices with abortion recently.”

Edwards up for re-election in November:

Edwards made his pro-life views part of his campaign, so this should be no shock to Abrams:

And it’s disgusting for Abrams to even attack Edwards this way, especially given his personal situation. His daughter was diagnosed with spina bifida and doctors pushed an abortion, which he and his wife refused. From the AP article above:

When he ran for governor in 2015, Edwards made opposition to abortion a central platform of his campaign. In a TV ad, his wife, Donna, described being advised to have an abortion because of their daughter’s spinal birth defect. The ad showed a grown-up Samantha as Donna Edwards said, “She’s living proof that John Bel Edwards lives his values every day.”

That little girl is now 24 years old, married, and in graduate school. From CNS News:

“Our daughter is now 24 years old. She got married two months ago and she is in graduate school. She wants to be a counselor in the public schools of Louisiana. I cannot imagine what our life would be without her, and I tell this story with her permission.”

So, yeah . . . Edwards may be a little “dodgy” on abortion, and for good reason.

As for Edwards, she teased that she just might still run for something:

But not the U.S. Senate: