CBS News posted this totally important, 100% real news article last night titled, “Half of Americans admit using swimming pool in lieu of shower”:

And people quickly joked that the article must have been paid for by “big chlorine”:

Actually, the article was paid for by big chlorine. Here’s ProPublica reporter and Columbia Journalism School adjunct professor Jessica Huseman with a brutal thread taking apart what CBS News — and others — have done:

Their mission? “To improve chlorine’s brand nationwide”:

It’s not just CBS News she busted, but multiple “national news sites”:

Huseman flagged parts of the article that made no sense, like this part on how “almost a quarter of Americans said they’d go in a swimming pool within an hour of having diarrhea,” hence the need for chlorine:

She then called out reporters who wrote the press release up as fact for not doing any homework on who was behind it:

Is there a class at journalism schools on clickbait?

She did finally get the poll questions the article was based on, and it’s pretty ridiculous:

And it’s pretty clear CBS News has an inaccurate headline:

It also looks like CBS News just rewrote the release for its article:

And that, kids, is how the real news is made.