This isn’t good.

A parent made an anonymous complaint months before this week’s shooting at STEM School Highlands Ranch and it looks like nothing was done about it:

Here’s the letter from the district urging the school to investigate:

NBC News is also reporting that one of the shooters (the 18-year-old) “was a bully” and “made jokes about school shooting”:

From NBC News:

The suspected shooter, Devon Erickson, “would whisper, like get really close and kinda put his arm around you, and whisper in your ear, ‘don’t come to school tomorrow,'” said Kevin Cole, a former student of STEM School Highlands Ranch, during an interview on “Today.”

It gets worse. After receiving the letter, the school filed a lawsuit in an attempt to uncover the anonymous parent who made the allegations. More from NBC News:

Highlands Ranch parents were notified in February of some accusations made during the call, a letter from Eucker and a member of the school board showed.

“These outrageous accusations of criminal behavior of our outstanding and dedicated volunteer board threatens their very professions. An investigation by STEM Board and staff leadership revealed no evidence of these allegations,” the letter said.

The school filed a lawsuit, denying all of the allegations and accusing the parent caller of slander and invasion of privacy. The lawsuit sought to issue a subpoena for phone records that would reveal the identity of the caller.

Oh, there needs to be a full investigation of this.