Check this out. That alleged Russian spy whale that’s been swimming around the waters off Norway just retrieved this woman’s cell phone after she dropped it into the ocean:

Close it up folks, that’s enough internet for today:

The whale, which was originally thought to be a Russian spy, now may be an escaped therapy animal that pulled children around in a boat:


According to Fiskeribladet, however, the animal’s tameness is not the result of military training, but rather of working with children. One of its former journalists says the mammal shows a strong resemblance to Semyon, a therapy whale kept by a dive center in northern Russia.

“I recognized him from a story we had made,” former Fiskeribladet reporter Morten Vikeby told the paper, while also pointing to a video featuring Semyon playing with children.

“It was wearing a harness because it was used to dragging boats with children on board,” the reporter added. “This is the reason why he is so social.”

However, the journalist emphasized he could not guarantee it was the same animal.

Well, that would make more sense.