Activists promoting the decriminalization of sex work are in Albany, NY today and this tweet caught our eye. She became a full-time sex worker in 2016, before Donald Trump was sworn in, because he said during the campaign that he would eliminate DACA if elected? Becuase someone who is afraid of getting deported would endter a line of work that could get her deported? It makes no sense. Also, maybe she became a full-time sex worker after election day, but if not, she was one of the few people in New York state who thought Trump had a chance to win:

She’s in Albany lobbying “to repeal loitering for the purposes of prostitution and expand vacatur for criminal records resulting from being trafficked”:

This woman says sex work saved her life, but she didn’t blame nor credit the president for it:

Hopefully, this makes it into a future episode of “Billions.” Chuck Rhodes would certainly have a sympathetic ear, no?

Here’s the clip from “Billions” if you don’t get the joke above:


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