And there it is. . .

AG Bill Bar just said, multiple times at his press conference on the Mueller report, that there was “no collusion”:

Where have we heard this before? Oh yeah:

Oh, this is going to piss some people off:

And right on cue. . .

MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt:

Vox Benjamin Puker says the feels “not great”:

He said “no collusion” four times, complained the LA Times’ Eli Stokols:

Guys, NOW collusion is not a legal term and we shouldn’t focus on it, via PBS’ Yamiche Alcindor

Shouldn’t it be what everyone in America wants to hear? THIS IS GOOD NEWS, right? Bloomberg’s Sahil Kapur:

And the White House should spike the football. From Jame Oliphant, Reuters:

Not only a touchdown, but the game winner.