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CNN’s Brian Stelter mocked Sean Hannity on Wednesday after the Fox News host said on air that his sources told him there will be “minimal redactions” in the Mueller report released set to be released on Thursday:

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And here’s the bit from Stelter’s newsletter where, apparently, CNN has the same source:

— CNN’s Laura Jarrett reports: “The publicly released version of Mueller’s report is expected to have relatively minimal redactions in the section on obstruction of justice, according to a source familiar with the report.”

Later on in the newsletter, without admitting that Hannity and CNN reported the same thing, he wrote:

One minute, I was watching David Corn on MSNBC saying that “the original sin” of the Trump presidency was “aiding and abetting the Russian attack.”

I ate some dinner, switched to Fox, and there was Sean Hannity saying this was all a “baseless, vengeful hoax.” Hannity spent the first 40 minutes of his show prebutting whatever embarrassing details are included in Mueller’s documents. “Talking is not a crime!” Hannity insisted, dismissing obstruction of justice concerns. He repeated all the usual talking points over and over — “no collusion, no conspiracy, no obstruction,” Trump’s the victim, Dems tried to commit a coup, etc — and said “the real investigation begins” now.

Don’t underestimate the power of the twisted story he’s telling. Untold millions of people buy it. Here’s another example of the pro-Trump media in action…

You can read the entire newsletter here:

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