And, BOOM.

Thousands of text message and emails were released by the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office last night and let’s just say they don’t paint Kim Foxx in a very good light:

Local Chicago journo Rafer Weigel sums it up, noting that this shows pretty clearly that Foxx never really ever recused herself from the Jussie Smollett investigation:

She also referred to Smollett as a “washed up” celebrity. LOL:

She also mocked Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson after she dismissed the charges without giving him a head’s up:

And what might possibly be worse for Foxx is that this taints her prosecution of R. Kelly, which R. Kelly lawyer Steve Greenberg happily pointed out:

And believe it or not, Michael Avenatti even showed up in the document dump:

Foxx’s response:




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