Earlier today we told you how Bernie Sanders sent a letter criticizing the Center for American Progress and its media arm, ThinkProgress.com, for “smearing him and other progressive candidates”:

And in the 3rd paragraph of the letter, Bernie called out ThinkProgress for publishing an op-ed which he said “echoed Donald Trump’s bad faith claims” on Elizabeth Warren’s fake Native American ancestry, which as you’ll see in the thread below was a YUGE mistake.

You see, the write of the op-ed was Rebecca Nagle, a member of the Cherokee nation *and* a Bernie Sanders voter. Nagle is not happy that Bernie used her words to defend Sen. Warren:

And she’s had it with Dems like Bernie telling her what she can and cannot criticize, especially as it relates to Sen. Warren:

Here comes the boom:

Did Bernie even read the op-ed? Obviously not:

Even worse for Bernie, CAP or ThinkProgress had nothing to do with it. Nagle pitched them:

Maybe Bernie will get mad at these websites next?


Bernie, stop letting your supporters down. Sheesh:


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