President Donald Trump is punching back against the New York Times report we told you about last night that suggested, “Some of Robert Mueller’s investigators see their report as more damaging for President Trump than the attorney general indicated“:

The Washington Post later reported much of the same information:

But NBC News is reporting, via anonymous sources, that the anonymous sources quoted in the NYT and WaPost don’t have the complete picture. If Robert Mueller wanted to say the president had obstructed justice, he would have said so. But, he didn’t:

According to NBC News’ sources, there was a “dispute within the special counsel’s office on the facts and the law was one factor behind Mueller’s decision not to make a call on the obstruction question”:

And the “lawyers and FBI agents on Mueller’s team could not reach an agreement about whether Trump’s conduct amounted to a corrupt — and therefore illegal — effort to impede the probe”:

Game over, petty much:

The DOJ also released an on-the-record statement answering allegations made in the NYT and WaPost that more of the Mueller report could have been released by now.

Maybe they shouldn’t have printed on every page, “May contain material protected under Fed. R. Crim. P. 6(e)” if they wanted those pages public?