Celebrity socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sat down with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes tonight in NYC to talk up her Green New Deal.

Highlights. . .

First up, she totally threw a staffer under the bus for the failed rollout of the plan on day one with the “draft” talking points:

She really ratcheted up the alarmism, declaring that without her GND, the Bronx and the rest of the planet will have “no livable future for generations coming”:

She tried to claim that this doesn’t mean “we change our entire structure of government”:

But Chris Hayes wasn’t buying it and kept trying to get her to admit that what she want to do is socialism:

This is literally socialism when she says, “we’re” going to pick and choose which industries to grow:

But she wants a serious conversation:

Clap seals!

She dodged on the coal industry, however:

And she got lots of applause to comparing Hurricane Maria hitting Puerto Rico to 9/11:

What wasn’t discussed, however, were subjects that actually might work:

And watch out Dems . . . she’s coming for you next: