Cristóbal Alex, the “male friend” mentioned in that Joe Biden hit piece would told you about earlier says the author, Bernie-supporting Lucy Flores, “misinterpreted” his comments to her. Even worse for Flores? Alex says he went back and looked over all of the photos from the event and “what she remembered did not match my recollection or what was in the photos.” Here’s what Flores wrote in her story on The Cut:

When I spoke to a male friend who is also a political operative in Biden’s orbit — the first man who had heard the story outside of my staff and close friends years ago — he did what no one else had and made me question myself and wonder if I was doing the right thing. He reminded me that Biden has significant resources and argued points that made me question my memory, even though I’ve replayed that scene in my mind a thousand times. He reminded me that my credibility would be attacked and that I should be prepared for the type of “back and forth” that could occur. (When reached by New York Magazine, a representative for Vice-President Joe Biden declined to comment.)

Now, here’s what Alex said really happened:

You mean the pro-Bernie supporter and board member of the pro-Bernie 501(c)(4) that was handpicked by Bernie might not have her story straight?