Talia Lavin, the disgraced New Yorker fact-checker who left her job last year after she falsely accused an ICE agent who just happened to be a disabled Marine Corps veteran of having Nazi tattoos, is very, very angry at Laura Ingraham for doing a segment on her new gig as a journalism professor at NYU:

Her anger at Fox News quickly went viral with thousands of people liking and sharing her tweets, which means she was the one helping get Laura’s segment seen by more people:

And then she went ahead a posted the video, which was her most viral tweet of the night with 66,000+ likes:

That tweet was then shared by other blue checks, like this one from the Washington Post’s who tweeted, “This is just out of hand” which is really funny since his employer is being sued over its treatment of a teen who dared to wear a MAGA hat in public:

She just doesn’t get it:

She wants her own set of rules:

And she’s raising money off of the outrage:

Joss Whedon is even lending a hand!

And if this all sounds familiar, it should. She did the same song and dance when she falsely labeled the ICE agent a Nazi: