JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon, who was a vocal opponent of President Trump’s decision to void the Paris climate deal, is being targeted by Justice Democrats for daring to say that the intelligent way to fight climate change and not crater the U.S. economy is through taxing CO2 or some similar mechanism and not with the Green New Deal. Dimon said in an interview with CNN:

“Can you focus on climate change in an intelligent way that doesn’t damage the economy? Yes you can. It’s called CO2 emissions taxes or trading, there are a couple ways to do it. So you better do it wisely cause you could hurt the economy which hurts everybody.”

So now even their climate-change allies aren’t good enough:

AOC quickly fired back, saying JP Morgan can’t be trusted because they finane pipelines and because they cut a deal to with the Obama Justice Department:

But then a few minutes later, AOC herself admitted that the Green New Deal is just an unbinding resolution:

So here’s the CEO of one of America’s biggest banks AGREEING WITH HER and other Dems on climate change and he’s actually proposing a concrete step that Congress can vote on, and he’s targeted because he won’t blindly support the “nonbinding” resolution? They’re insane. They really, really are.

Maybe she’s still mad at JP Morgan Asset Management for saying the GND was technologically impossible and, at best, a slogan?