Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam has come to the defense of Rep. Ilhan Omar, saying her “‘tropes’ are true”:

From the article:

Some people just can’t handle the truth. Case in point: America’s Jewish Establishment and the Shabbat goys on their payroll, who are all squealing like stuck pigs in response to Rep. Ilhan Omar’s pointed remarks about Jewish-Zionist power.

And this line (emphasis ours):

In short, Rep. Omar’s two “anti-Semitic tropes” are both true: Jewish Americans are (compared to other ethnic groups) outrageously wealthy; and Jewish wealth has hijacked America’s policymaking apparatus in service to a foreign power. All of the Zionist-bought-and-paid-for hysteria and hoopla in the world cannot hide the fact that Ilhan Omar’s words on these critically important issues have been massive understatements.

The NOI defended her “All about the Benjamins” tweet, too:

Take a bow, Dems.