“Captain Marvel” starring Brie Larson premiered in Los Angeles last night and we’re starting to see the reviews. In short, they’re not good with critics calling the film “forgettable,” “not top tier,” and “a work in progress.” But note how these critics upvoted the film on Rotten Tomatoes while still trashing it in their written review:

Reviews from across the spectrum are decidedly negative. The AP finds it “entirely average”:

Screen Crush: “Never quite soars”:

We Go This Covered: A “radio-dubbed nostalgia mixtape”:

IndieWire: “Massively Disappointing”:

TimeOut NY: “doesn’t quite rise to the occasion of its own significance”:

Slant Magazine: “Sputters”:

Vox: “Plays it safe when it could have been something fearless and bold”:

The Atlantic: What?

The AV Club: “Underwhelming”:

So maybe we can stop blaming men’s rights activists or trolls or whatever BS they’re dreaming up to explain why people won’t like the film.