While in Selma, Alabama for the 54th anniversary of the “Bloody Sunday” demonstration, 2020 hopeful Sen. Cory Booker happily declared that Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election:

We’re sure the fact checkers will be all over it. Hillary was there to receive an award which led to Alabama State Senator Hank Sanders to spread some fake news of his own: The presidency “was stolen from her by the FBI. It was stolen from her by the Russians”:

Wow! The FBI seems pretty shady! Good thing President Trump fired the guy responsible:

Bernie Sanders was there, too, where he reportedly gave Hillary a chilly greeting:

Southern Hillary showed up:

She switches accents about halfway through this video:

Hillary focused on voter suppression in her speech:

And then she, too, got caught spreading fake news:


Has she made her choice for 2020?

Looks like it: