So, the AP did an interview with 2020 presidential candidate Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand that focused on her role as a mom, including this totally normal dinner they photographed her cooking for her kids:

From the article:

Kirsten Gillibrand had a flurry of pots on the stove and steak, haddock, peas, steamed vegetables and rice on the menu.

She had a cable news appearance coming up in a few hours, but for now, her 10-year-old son entertained the family goldendoodle, Maple, a few feet away.

The New York senator was game to talk about motherhood, leadership, her policies and her pursuit of the nation’s highest office, she told a reporter. But first she needed to save dinner.

“I need to focus, because I’m about to burn the fish,” she said. “I’ve reached my point of capacity.”

You know, she’s just a working mom who, like working moms everywhere, prepares steak and fish for their kids most nights of the week. Pro-tip: Measure the fish before sticking it in the pan:

Now, go back and look at her apron in the above photo. Notice the crease? It’s brand new?

What an absolute “phony”:

Even the dog’s not buying it:

But we do admit they were are totally jealous of that kitchen: