In a video shared to Instagram, singer Cardi B lashed out at Jussie Smollett, saying he “f*cked up Black History Month” but she’s also angry because if his assault does turn out to be a hoax, then it gives “Donald Trump immunity to f*cking laugh at n*****s and sh*it”:

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Here’s a rough transcript of what she said. And please do note she floated the conspiracy theory that the Chicago Police Department set him up:

So I am really disappointed in Jussie Smollett, whatever the f*ck his name is. I’m really disappointed in him. I feel like he f*cked up Black History Month, bro. Like damn. I’m not gonna say yet until he said it out of his mouth that it was fake and this sh*t was staged. I don’t want to completely blame him, because you know like somebody that I was talking to they said you know that police in Chicago are racist. So they might probably try to frame him and make him look like he is a liar. But if he is not then bro you f*cked up, for real. Like why would you do that? Like you didn’t have to do that. Then you get Donald Trump immunity to f*cking laugh at n*****s and s*it.

In other news, TMZ is reporting that the show “Empire” is cutting Smollett’s role because of the controversy:

It’s notable that Fox hasn’t pushed back on the report at all:

To be continued. . .