Veteran reporter Lara Logan made news over the weekend after she appeared on a podcast where she said the media as a whole was “Absurdly Left-Leaning.”

For example, here’s Sean Hannity linking to a write-up of the story on Dan Bongino’s website, titled, “CBS Reporter Unloads on Absurdly Left-Leaning; Media, ‘Disaster’ for Country”:

And then Brian Stelter entered the picture with what we assume he thought was some kind of dunk on Hannity and Bongino as Lara Logan is apparently no longer with CBS:

Well, Logan’s departure is news to us. And it certainly looks like it was news to The Daily Beast’s Max Tani who reached out to CBS to find out if Logan was still with the network:

Media Matters’ Matt Gertz also tweeted out that she was still with CBS, so there goes Stelter’s right-wing narrative:

And guess what? Logan’s departure from CBS was also news to Variety, which wrote it up this morning and is reporting that her leaving the network was “disclosed as the result of Logan making an appearance over the weekend on a podcast”:

Lara Logan, the journalist who gained wider renown covering war-torn spots in the Middle East for CBS News, is no longer with the network and has not been for several months.

The split, disclosed as the result of Logan making an appearance over the weekend on a podcast in which she suggested news consumers ought to get information from both liberal and conservative outlets, might come as a surprise to outsiders. Logan had been working for “60 Minutes” and gained a reputation for visiting dangerous locales in Afghanistan and Iraq, often embedded with U.S. armed forces. She joined CBS News in 2002 and had been one of the unit’s top foreign correspondents.

A CBS News spokeswoman said Logan left the news unit at some point in 2018. Her last piece for CBS News appears to be a May segment for “60 Minutes” about poachers slaughtering rhinoceros in South Africa.

Exit questions: Other than Brian Stelter, did anyone know she was no longer with CBS? And when was that made public? Because Stelter certainly never tweeted about it as his last tweet about Logan was in 2014: