Twitter user @baconflavoring was able to con a free meal at Outback Steakhouse after pretending to be stood up by his date on Valentine’s Day.

What follows is quite an amusing, but kind of evil thread. Enjoy!

It all started with this tweet and a question to his followers:

Why not give it a shot?

At this point, we still don’t know if he’s serious or not:

Oh, he’s really there:

And he’s really committed to the con, as you’ll find out:

He even ordered wine for his “date”:

He’s really selling it:

Some carbo-loading to see it through:

He even made a fake gift:



It’s almost 30 minutes later and he still hasn’t touched the wine:


Wine status? GONE:

You’d think he’d get bored with this by now, but nope:

Is it happening?

More voicemail subterfuge:

As we wait to find out what happens next, we learn more about the fake woman:

The meal has arrived:

It’s now or never:

. . . WTF:

. . . still hoping for that free meal:

. . . still waiting:

AND SUCCESS! But he conned a couple at the bar who felt sorry for him:

Somehow a charitable donation makes it OK?

FWIW, proof of the donation:

And he tipped the waiter $20 for all this nonsense:

That took some dedication, we’ll give him that:

But wait, there’s more!

And, of course, Outback became aware of the thread . . .

. . . and now he’s scored a real free meal out of it:

Great. Why the eff is Outback encouraging this?