The Washington Post has a new article out titled, “President Trump installed a room-sized golf simulator at White House,” but that headline leaves out quite a few details of what really happened:

For starters, the president just replaced the old White House golf simulator installed by President Obama:

That system replaced an older, less sophisticated golf simulator that had been installed under President Obama, according to two people with knowledge of the previous system.

Two, he paid the $50,000 price tag personally:

The official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss details of the president’s private residence, said Trump had paid for the new system and the installation personally.

And three, he hasn’t even used it yet:

The White House official said Trump has not used his new golf simulator during executive time — or at all since it was put in.

But we guess if the Washington Post had titled the article, “Trump replaces Obama’s golf simulator with his own money but hasn’t used it yet” just wouldn’t generate the same number of clicks now would it?

And maybe the new simulator will help the president reduce his CO2 emissions?