So, that didn’t last long . . .

Last night we told you how celebrity porn star lawyer Michael Avenatti called out President Trump’s lawyer and mocked him for asking for a 30-day extension to file a response related to Avenatti’s appeal of having to pay the president’s attorney’s fees. We don’t have a screenshot, but here’s the text of the now-deleted tweet:

C. Harder (Trump’s atty) previously boasted that the dismissal of the defamation claim against Trump (and the atty fee award) would “easily” hold up on appeal. We filed our brief on time a month ago. Harder just asked the court for a 30 day extension of the deadline to respond…

— Michael Avenatti (@MichaelAvenatti) February 12, 2019

And as we told you, this wasn’t any big deal and Avenatti was making a fool out of himself:

Avenatti did leave up some snarky responses before he deleted it:


So, why’d he delete it?