Holy. S*it.

Here is The Atlantic’s Jemele Hill, formerly with ESPN, on President Donald Trump SOTU speech last night:

If you don’t immediately get the reference, she’s saying that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez should shout out, “Get your hand outta my pocket” as a distraction, as was done in the assassination of Malcolm X. From the Washington Post:

The shooting began in the Audubon Ballroom just as Malcolm X was preparing to speak.

A commotion eight rows back in the Harlem auditorium interrupted him. “N—–, get your hand outta my pocket,” a man yelled that Sunday in February.

“Now, now, brothers, break it up,” Malcolm X told them. “Be cool, be calm.”

Distracted, Malcolm’s bodyguards moved away to break up the scuffle. Suddenly, a man rushed the stage with a sawed-off shotgun, and two more fired handguns, hitting Malcolm X in the chin, hand and chest.

Maybe she was hoping we wouldn’t understand her meaning?

But tell us again how tweeting “learn to code” is targeted harassment:

Can we even respond to her or will that get us banned, too?

And boy does the firing of Kevin Williamson look even dumber now:

Screenshot for posterity: