Just to update you on the investigation of the alleged hate crime against actor Jussie Smollett, the Chicago Police Department has yet to be able to identify any “alleged assailants or vehicles” from security cameras in the area:

The police also issued a new statement on Tuesday that says Smollett did report that the assailants said “MAGA” during the assault, but he only told the investigators this at a second interview:

The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that Smollett still had a piece of rope around his neck, but it “didn’t necessarily resemble a noose”:

When officers showed up at the apartment, the rope was still around Smollett’s neck, said Guglielmi, who described the rope as a “thin, light rope.” Guglielmi said the rope didn’t necessarily resemble a noose.

Smollett was not able to identify the race of either alleged assailant:

Smollett initially told police his attackers were two men wearing ski masks and all black clothing. In a follow-up interview in the morning, Smollett told detectives the men also yelled “this is MAGA country” after they attacked him, according to Guglielmi. Smollett didn’t provide any other description of the men, including their race.

And police don’t have enough information to put out a description of the attackers:

Police also haven’t found any video showing the attackers in the surrounding areas or any witnesses to the attack. Guglielmi said police didn’t have enough information as of Tuesday night to put out a description of the attackers.