David Axelrod, Chief Strategist for President Barack Obama, called out consultants who take jobs helping Howard Schultz saying they “will make enough to keep themselves in overpriced coffee drinks for life!”

He’s actually talking about Bill Burton, but not by name. Yes, his former Obama colleague Bill Burton:

Axelrod is also a giant hypocrite as he’s more than happy to take money for candidates who are running longshot centrist campaigns. From 2013:

Barack Obama’s longtime campaign guru David Axelrod has a new client: Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti. Axelrod slipped into Rome to meet privately with Monti, 69, a political centrist and longtime university professor and European Union Commissioner, who served one year as caretaker Prime Minister. Monti is now in his first campaign for higher office, facing both former three-time Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi on the right and center-left favorite Pierluigi Bersani in next month’s national elections.

Obama bro Jon Favreau weighed in on Howard Schultz as well, asking why Schultz doesn’t have to run as a Democrat:

Fellow Pod-bro Jon Lovett is pissed, too:

Watch how fast everyone flips if an independent gets in the race to challenge Donald Trump: