Celebrity Democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is extremely angry at The Hill right now for this headline which just happens to quote her accurately:

The New York congresswoman tweeted, “I actually didn’t say this” and “maybe you accurately quote the whole exchange instead of manipulating people into thinking I said this sentence instead of just the word ‘zero'”:

Well, the reason we don’t think she used that actual sentence is because the quotation marks are around just the word “zero” and not the entire sentence. Here’s the actual exchange between the two:

“On a scale from zero to some, how many f—s do you give?”

After taking a moment to deliberate, Ocasio-Cortez reached into her side and pulled out her hand to make a circle, saying: “I think it’s zero.”

This type of headline construction happens all the time:

She’s also mad at Politico and the NY Post:

If anything, she should direct some of this rage at Stephen Colbert for using the line for ratings in the first place:

He KNEW this would generate clicks but she’s mad at the media for writing about it?