Just to follow up on our post from Monday, the family of Robert Cantrell, the white man wrongly accused of murder by Shaun King, reports getting death threats in the wake of the activist’s now-deleted tweet of his mugshot:

From ABC 7 Chicago:

Hailey Cantrell says despite the arrests of two suspects in the murder case, as recent as Monday, there have been threatening comments on her Facebook page regarding her uncle, Robert Cantrell.
“I hear, ‘Someone is going to rape, torture and murder the women and children in your family,” Hailey read from one comment.

King had called Cantrell a “violent, racist a**hole” in the now-deleted post:

King, however, is the real victim here as he’s fighting back against online rumors that he pocketed the reward as it was his tips to the Harris County Sheriff’s Department that led to the arrests of the suspects:

Yes, it must really suck to get falsely accused of something on Twitter: