Activist Shaun King used his large social media presence to help find the killer of Jazmine Barnes, a 7-year-old Houston girl who was gunned down in a drive-by shooting last week. Here is the suspect — a “racist, violent a**hole” — whose photo he tweeted out to his over 1 million followers

King even offered up a $25,000 reward for his arrest in an “ALL HANDS ON DECK” message:

But, SURPRISE! The white guy didn’t do it:

Heckuva job, Shaun:

This is becoming a pattern with him:

Apparently, King had a tip that he sent to police that did find the real killers:

And he was acknowledged by the Harris County Sheriff:

The white guy King blasted is not believed to have been involved in the killing:

King later tweeted out that he was an “innocent bystander”:

And, again, no apology from King?