Critics of President Donald Trump jumped on comments made by Sen. Lindsey Graham earlier today when he called all of the talk from the White House on a border wall really just a “metaphor” for border security:

Video here:

Um, when exactly did this become just a metaphor? Way to give in to the critics, Lindsey:

Former Trump supporters noted the discrepancy as well:

Ann Coulter, earlier in the day, gave the president an “F” for “follow-through” on his immigration agenda:

After Graham’s comments, however, the president was back tweeting about a wall, this time using the security around the Obama’s DC as an example of a wall that works:

But Sen. Graham was not the only Republican throwing cold water on the wall today.

Outgoing chief of staff John Kelly, in an interview with the Los Angeles Times, said that the White House gave up on a concrete wall early in the administration:

If true, Kelly also does the president no favors here:

And Kellyanne Conway said Sunday morning that Dems shouldn’t be so focused on a “wall” and they’re “being very disingenuous”:

Eek. Sound like we’re never getting that wall at this rate.