The Kardashian-Jenner-West Christmas party in Calabasas, California looked like something out of Colorado as the celebrity families created a winter wonderland in the backyard of Kim and Kanye West’s home complete with real snow and a sledding mountain. Check it out:

Of course, we’re told over and over again that California is plagued by a drought and residents shouldn’t waste water because global warming will make things worse, but those concerns don’t apply to mega-rich celebrities, of course:

If they want snow in Los Angeles for Christmas, THEY GET SNOW IN LOS ANGELES FOR CHRISTMAS:

The inside of the party was pretty over-the-top, too:

They even had an igloo photo booth:

There was much sledding to be done:

In their gowns, of course:

Of course Santa was there:

As well as the Grinch:

It’s really not a Christmas party unless someone has a bow on his head:

John Legend performed at the party, too:

The snow was still around on Christmas Day, so there was more sledding: