There’s a new New York Times article out that — SURPRISE! — explores the virulent anti-Semitism among the leaders of the Women’s March:

You see, the Women’s March leaders are “grappling with how they treat Jews — and whether they should be counted as privileged white Americans or ‘marginalized’ minorities…”:

It’s not going well:

Maybe it’s time Tamika Mallory steps down?

She’s even anti-Semitic in a prepared statement:

Or, and we’re just spitballing here, the Women’s March can just treat Jews like human beings:

The problem here is that the liberal embrace of intersectionality — the “analytic framework that attempts to identify how interlocking systems of power impact those who are most marginalized in society” — is at its heart anti-Semitic:

Unless they confront the anti-Semitism at the core, then nothing will change:

More from Seth Mandel, who doesn’t let the NYT off the hook either: