President Donald Trump declared victory over ISIS in Syria this morning…

…amidst reports that the Pentagon will begin pulling troops out:

From NBC News:

The U.S. is preparing to withdraw a significant number of troops from Syria, according to two senior defense officials and one person familiar with the plan.

The two senior defense officials said the White House would announce the move as early as Wednesday.

President Trump declared on Twitter Wednesday morning: “We have defeated ISIS in Syria, my only reason for being there during the Trump Presidency.”

The U.S. military confirms having 503 U.S. troops in Syria, even though defense officials acknowledge having more than 2,000 there at times. The military mission is to defeat ISIS but troops have also been used more for stabilization efforts in recent weeks.

However, at a State Department briefing one week ago, it was suggested that U.S. troops would remain in Syria even after the caliphate had been defeated:



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