In what libs are calling a “bombshell,” CNN’s Chris Cuomo obtained a copy of the letter of intent for the Tump Tower Moscow project with Donald Trump’s signature on it. The “bombshell” being that Rudy Giuliani said on Sunday that “no one signed it”:

Cuomo explained the discrepancy on air last night, insinuating that this was some sort of plot to spin the news:

“Now, here’s what’s going on. This doesn’t matter legally and that’s the point. They’re not preparing for trial. Don’t examine it that way. They’re preparing for a PR campaign to convince you of what they want you to believe.”

Video here:

This would be a pretty good scoop for CNN if we didn’t already know that Trump had signed this LOI. We know he signed it because Donald Trump Jr. testified that he had back in September. Via Mollie Hemingway:

Here’s the Q-and-A response from page 174-175 of the link above:

25  Q. Do you know who signed it?

1    A. I believe my father signed it.

2    Q. On behalf of the Trump Organization?

3    A. Yes.

Now, admittedly, this does make Rudy look bad. But we can pretty much ignore all of Cuomo’s conspiracy talk and chalk this up to the president’s lawyer misspeaking, freelancing or being unprepared for his interview:

Exit question: How did CNN miss that we already knew it was signed in the first place?