Cancel the coral-bleaching apocalypse as it looks like life has somehow found a way to adapt to temperature increases, you know, just like life on the planet has done for the past 500 million years or so:

Life finds a way:

But there’s a “price” for this resilience, of course:

We’re willing to bet that the fish will figure this one out just like the corals did. From Gizmodo:

While it’s heartening that not all corals are equally doomed in our warming world, it’s also crucial to note that not all corals play the same ecological role. As Hughes and his colleagues noted in a paper out earlier this year, the Great Barrier Reef is fast becoming a “highly altered, degraded system” as the corals that provide the most nooks and crannies to shelter reef fish vanish.

Oh, and in other unexpected coral news, scientists discovered the organisms thriving at much deeper depths which means there’s a vast store of live animals available to replenish those that have been killed off at the surface:

Science, unsettled. Again.