We’re starting to see this video from January from Chris Hayes’ show on MSNBC making the rounds, but yet again, the blue checks sharing it aren’t telling the entire story.

The clip shows how CBP agents routinely destroy water and other supplies left by aid groups for illegal immigrants crossing the desert. If you click the link, Hayes is crystal clear that the videos he’s showing are from 2010 – 2017, but in light of the recent tragedy where a young girl died in ICE custody, it’s, of course, being used as a cudgel against the Trump administration. You can clearly see the timestamp in this frame is from 2011:

For example, Jorge Silva, who was an aide to Harry Reid and on Hillary Clinton’s election staff, shared the video without including that this was common practice under the Obama administration:

Actress Morgan Fairchild shared it as well:

This is par for the course, however, and libs will not wait before choosing the narrative: