Former CIA analyst and former chief of staff to John Bolton ripped the Washington Post’s Greg Miller over this piece titled, “Gap continues to widen between Trump and intelligence community on key issues”:

According to Fleitz, Miller “ignored most of what I told him” and misrepresented “the few quotes” that he used in the article:

Fletiz argued to Miller that contrary to his alleged preconceived notion, the relationship between the president and the intelligence community “has greatly improved”:

Fleitz named Bolton along with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and CIA Director Gina Haspel as helping to repair the damage:

Fleitz singled out this specific passage as evidence his was misrepresented:

And Fleitz argued that Miller left out John Brennan’s “poisonous smears” and Harry Reids as causes of the rift in the first place:

In summary, Fleitz called it “bad journalism”:

And “100% fake news”: