This burger as the share image on this climate apocalypse article from CNN looks pretty good, right?

Think again! That patty above is made from insects:

It’s made from mealworms, “the larval form of the mealworm beetle,” which we just found out from Wikipedia and now we REALLY want to vomit. From CNN:

Bug Foundation, a startup based in Germany, developed a burger made from mealworms that is now stocked in more than 1,000 supermarkets across Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.
“If you compare insects with beef, for the same amount of protein, you need roughly 1,000 times less water, 10 times less feed and you emit up to 100 times less greenhouse gases,” said Baris Özel, co-founder of Bug Foundation.

Fake moos, indeed!

This is the future liberals want:

So, what is PETA’s position on eating insects anyway?

With people in France literally burning stuff in the streets over a carbon tax, does CNN really believe Americans will ever adopt insect-based food in meaningful numbers?

And that’s why we don’t take CNN and its climate alarmism seriously:

Exit question: When will CNN’s cafeteria start carrying this super-sciency option?