Because climate change caused by excess carbon emissions is killing the planet and all, billionaire businessman, philanthropist and possible 2020 presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg helped finance this public art project that flew in giant hunks of ice from Greenland to London so people can watch them melt:

They want you to come and touch the ice and feel the global warming in action:

Since the historic low temperature in London is about 37°F in December, there’s a pretty good chance that the ice will melt:

We assume Mike Bloomberg bought some climate credits to cover the carbon cost of this little stunt, right?

Because these machines don’t run on unicorn tears:

According to the artist, the carbon footprint of bringing the ice to London “is about the same as bringing a person to Nuuk, Greenland, and back,” which is impossible to believe:

How about some media fact-checks on this one, ‘eh?