Maiko, a U.S. military working dog serving alongside Army Rangers in Afghanistan, died after leading troops on a raid that also killed Sgt. Leandro A.S. Jasso on November 24:

Sgt. Jasso’s death had been previously reported but we’re just hearing About Maiko’s death as well:

According to Stars and Stripes, this unauthorized biography of Maiko is accurate:

This was Maiko’s 6th deployment” and he participated in “over 50 Ranger-led raids.” From Stars and Stripes:

The biography and what purported to be a photo of the Dutch-born dog were first published by the popular Facebook page U.S. Army WTF Moments. A representative of the site declined to say how they had gotten the materials.

Jasso, who was not Maiko’s handler, died from injuries sustained during the same operation. Preliminary reports indicated his death was caused by Afghan forces who accidentally shot him during a close-quarter firefight against “one of multiple barricaded al-Qaida shooters,” the military said in a statement last week.

Like many of his human counterparts, Maiko had served multiple tours in Afghanistan — six in total — and conducted over 50 Ranger-led raids, the biography said. He had the most training and combat experience of any dog with the battalion at the time of his death.

So, how soon until Slate craps on this hero dog like they did on Sully?





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