CBS and CNN are missing one tiny detail in their coverage of the climate-change tax riots in France

Posted at 6:46 am on December 03, 2018 by Greg P.

As you may have heard, Paris is burning — again — this time over a fuel tax increase to help fight climate change:


The riots aren’t just about the fuel tax increase, but a response to all of French President Macron’s “liberal reforms”:

According to reports, over 400 were arrested in the protests over the weekend:

President Macron will discuss next steps with his cabinet and other officials today:

But one of the options is a police crackdown on the demonstrations:


But will the police actually comply? TBD:

The rioters even destroyed statues inside the Arc de Triomphe:

President Macron was even booed when he toured the destruction over the weekend:

Is really a shock to anyone that normal people would be angry about financing these green boondoggles?


Well, if celebrity Juliette Binoche thought the tax increase was a good idea, we’re sol!

As for coverage here in America, how about a little honesty that these riots are because of, at least in part, the tax to fight climate change? Nothing on CBS Evening News Sunday night:

And CNN took the spin to 11 and blamed the fuel price increase to rising oil prices, which are actually falling worldwide:


This will hopefully be a wake-up call for Dems here in America in that “Americans are not going to accept higher prices and lower living standards to fight climate change”:

Editor’s note: We’ve corrected a typo.