In light of the news yesterday of Stormy Daniels questioning what happened to the money that Michael Avenatti raised for her security and legal defense, we have a question on another one of the celebrity lawyer’s other fundraising efforts. Remember when he was working with all of those asylum-seeking clients at the border?

The total raised so far is $159,863:

Avenatti has tweeted a number of times about his border clients, fwiw:

But Avenatti did say about the fundraising that “No monies are going toward attorneys’ fees, and the uses of your money will be publicly disclosed” (emphasis ours):

Please join the legal battle to reunite families and end the forced separation of migrant children from their parents.

The Trump administration speaks of making America great, but on our southern border it is now committing atrocities that we would have never thought possible. The forced separation of children from their parents runs counter to our values as a nation, the core principles our country was founded upon, and what we stand for. This is not my America. This is not our America.

We are raising funds to pay for (a) release bonds to assist mothers who are attempting to gain release from detention centers so they can be reunited with their children and (b) out-of-pocket expenses for our work reuniting families and changing the policy. No monies are going toward attorneys’ fees, and the uses of your money will be publicly disclosed.

All mothers are mothers first. Regardless of their political persuasion. And all children are simply children.

Please help us right this wrong.

Michael Avenatti, Esq.

So, when will there be a public disclosure of what he did spend the money on?



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