In a story we’ve been following for over a year now, a federal judge in Detroit has dismissed the main charges against two Michigan doctors who performed female genital mutilation on you girls, ruling that the federal law that banned the practice was unconstitutional:

The judge cited the Commerce Clause in his ruling, saying the “power to outlaw female genital mutilation … belonged to individual states”:

“This story should be getting more attention” is the understatement of the month:

From the Detroit Free Press:

“As laudable as the prohibition of a particular type of abuse of girls may be … federalism concerns deprive Congress of the power to enact this statute,” Friedman wrote in his 28-page opinion, noting: “Congress overstepped its bounds by legislating to prohibit FGM … FGM is a ‘local criminal activity’ which, in keeping with long-standing tradition and our federal system of government, is for the states to regulate, not Congress.”

Everyone should be outraged at this: