BuzzFeed was forced to issue a correction and delete a tweet because their writers and editors are so young they had no clue 1. who Smokey Bear was and 2. what Smokey Bear actually did:

From the @BuzzFeedNews account:

We’ve deleted this tweet. Smokey Bear fronts a campaign for wildfire prevention, not wildfire suppression.

(And yes, his name is actually Smokey Bear)

They screengrabbed it, which was the right thing to do at least:

Can’t you just picture a bunch of BuzzFeed staffers sitting around a computer laughing at the idea that “Smokey Bear” was real and then not knowing that “Only YOU can suppress forest fires” was totally wrong?

Wait until they discover Woodsy Owl’s, “Give a hoot, don’t pollute”:

We didn’t know this about Smokey, however:

As for the article, we’re sure everything else is just perfect:






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