Redskins QB Alex Smith suffered a season-ending injury in today’s game against the Houston Texas, reportedly breaking both his tibia and fibula. (Warning graphic video here)

Smith will reportedly undergo surgery to repair the leg:

What an awful thing to happen:

Coincidentally, former Redskins QB Joe Theismann broke his leg on this same day, 33 years ago:

But this was a nice moment:

Hopefully, this tweet is accurate and he’ll get paid if the injury ends his career:

But, football is a business and the Redskins need a new backup QB:

Not on that list is former San Francisco QB Colin Kaepernick, however, even though there would appear to be a fit:

Keep in mind, the Redskins only have 3 days as they play the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day:

And if they do sign Kaepernick, it will be the second time he’s replaced Alex Smith at QB:

And we’d LOVE to see the Redskins sign him, if only to watch libs buy the jerseys with his name on it: