After threatening to nuke Americans who refuse to give up their guns, Rep. Eric Swalwell blamed readers for not understanding his sarcasm and then lamented that no progress is being made on the gun debate:

For the record, it’s not just conservatives who didn’t get Swalwell’s alleged sarcasm. Here’s Olivier Knox, head of the White House Correspondent’s Association:


Thankfully some are pointing out how dumb Swalwell’s sarcasm actual was in the first place:

Also, he’s lying about point No. 1 as a gun buy-back is not what he said before:

As for progress, maybe not lead with “we’re going to take your guns and there’s nothing you can do to stop us”:

Swalwell did show the Left’s true colors on guns, however:

And it’s cute that he thinks people are calling him a “tyrant.” Clown is more like it:

He’ll claim he’s being bullied next:

And in summary, THIS: