Take a break from politics Twitter for a sec and check out this thread from author and historian Nick Kapur on how Japan described the American Revolution in one of its history books from 1861:

It starts out with George Washington as an archer, which is but a small peek into what lies ahead:

And we have a slight detour to fill in the backstory of America:

But the actions starts right up:

Here’s John Adams battling a snake:

Benjamin Franklin, badass warrior:

Franklin is also strong enough to wield a cannon under the direction of snake-slayer Adams:

Even a tiger is no match for George Washington:

Plot twist? Ben Franklin attacks John Adams for some reason:

The action takes a small break while Adams has a picnic with his mom…

…that is until the freaking snake returns to EAT HIS MOM:

General Washington in action:

But we’re not done with John Adams, who asks this fairy for help getting revenge on the snake:

And the fairy sends Adams this eagle to help kill the snake:


More on this fantastic version of American history here:


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