Well, this is certainly going to cause a stir in the Florida election drama…

Miami New Times reporter Jerry Iannelli has a new article out alleging that “tons of uncounted ballots” are just sitting in a “Miami-area mailroom in Opa-locka” and that Miami-Dade elections officials are aware of the ballots but “can’t do anything” about them:

The issue here will become if it was the post office’s fault or not that the ballots were not returned in time:

And “tons of uncounted ballots” may be in the “hundreds or thousands,” which could make a difference as the vote count narrows. From the Miami New Times:

Several local activists demonstrated outside both the mail facility and at the Miami-Dade County Elections Department to try to bring attention to the ballots. Two sources who spoke with New Times allege hundreds or thousands of ballots might still be inside.

Suzy Trutie, a spokesperson for the Elections Department, told New Times her office was aware of the ballots but confirmed nothing else about them. She said that, by her office’s reading of state law, any ballots not delivered to the Miami-Dade Elections Department by 7 p.m. on Election Day could not be counted toward the 2018 total.

If Opa-locka sounds familiar, it’s because this was the facility shut down by pipe bombs:

As Miami-Dade went overwhelmingly for Andrew Gillum and Bill Nelson, this will only become a bigger issue.